RBI premiata pentru reducerea volumului de emisii de carbon


Raiffeisen Bank International AG (RBI) has been awarded by Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for the second time in a row for its high CO2 savings. The non-profit organization collects data on CO2 emissions in 60 countries annually and creates the so called Carbon Performance Leadership Index (CPLI), where the best performing companies are pooled, on this basis. Out of 350 companies of the region “Germany, Austria and Switzerland” RBI is one of 17 companies that has been incorporated into CPLI once again.

In order to reduce emission values it is crucial to know their sources in detail. Thus, RBI’s CO2

emission levels have been collected for the first time in 2009 by the Sustainable European Research Institute (SERI), a leading institute in Austria when it comes to sustainable development. These values have now been updated.

In 2009, the category “energy” was the biggest contributor to RBI’s CO2e emissions, with 56 per cent. By reducing power consumption, switching to green electricity (without large-scale hydropower) and the improvement of energy efficiency e.g. through usage of district cooling this share could be reduced to ten per cent. Also the paper-related CO2e emissions could be reduced by 93 per cent through the reduction of paper usage and the changeover to recycling paper. Today the section “transport” (business trips) forms the biggest share of CO2e emissions. Since 2013 RBI’s CDP data are also audited according to ISO 14064-3 and RBI is CDP Reporter Services Member.

“The anew award by Carbon Disclosure Project shows that our continuous commitment in sustainable development is bearing fruit. The carbon footprint per employee could be reduced by 34 per cent since 2009 and is now amounting to 2,312 kg CO2e. Further, the part relocation of RBI to the new office building R 19 at Muthgasse adds strongly to the improvement of our emission values”, said Karl Sevelda, CEO of RBI..

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